Kiosk Chac-i


  • Restaurant self-service ordering.
  • Social media applications.
  • Wayfinding.
  • Customer service.
  • Events check-in.
  • Building directories.
  • Electronic surveys.
  • Electronic payments with printed receipts.
  • Coupon printing.
  • Any other self-service application.
  • Designed for Elotouch i Series 10” / 15″ tablets
  • Security cam-lock and key.
  • Contemporary minimalistic design.
  • All-metal enclosure.
  • ADA compliant.
  • Preparation in base to anchor to ground.
  • Option to show/hide front facing camera .
  • Easy access to mount/unmount tablet.
  • Bluetooth compatible 2” thermal printer (optional).
  • Material:
    All aluminum enclosure. Powder-coated steel base.
  • Finishing:
    Powder coat finish in variety of colors.
  • Tablet:
    Includes 15” Elo i Series Android device
  • Compatible with:
    Elotouch i Series Elotouch devices.
  • Safety:
    Acces to tablet with security cam-lock.
  • Weight:
    20 lbs., whith components 22.5 to 29 lb.
  • Operation temperature:
    Depends on tablet, suggested 42-113 °F.
  • Limited warranty:
    3 years warranty in material and manufacturing.
  • Colors
    White, silver or black. More colors available on request.
  • Base:
    Steel base with option to anchor kiosk to ground.
  • Tablet:
    Elotouch i Series 10” / 15″ tablets
  • Printer:
    Option to add 2” / 3” thermal printers Android compatible.
  • Keyboard:
    Option to attach Bluetooth keyboard.
  • Network:
    Ethernet, WiFi or cellular.
  • Brochure Racks:
    Optional racks mounted on the sides of the kiosk for brochures or collaterals.
  • Graphics:
    Custom graphics available upon request.
  • Monitoring and application lock down:
    Software platform for remote monitoring, session control, security and content update.
  • MSR:
    Magnetic card reader avaliable for Android devices under special request.

* Design and measures may change according to the product updates.
* Some options only available upon request in projects over 20 kiosks.
Note: Elotouch trademark is property of their respective owners.