Interactive solutions to connect your company with its clients

Alveni offers interactive solutions for companies in Mexico and the United States to help you communicate effectively and efficiently with your different clients through technological and interactive solutions such as interactive kiosks, digital signage, customer satisfaction measurement, and technological facilities.​

What interactive solutions do we do?

Interactive Kiosk Manufacturer

Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your processes, as well as lower costs with self service interactive kiosks. We provide everything, from design to deployment and beyond. 

Digital Signage Solutions

Inform, advertise, communicate and interact with your audience with relevant content published from anywhere in real time through the web, screens, kiosks and more! 

Measure Customer Satisfaction

Measure your feedback with smileys! Get the satisfaction levels of your customers in seconds, giving you real-time data analytics to improve your customer experience or anything you want to measure!

Why choose us?

Excellent quality in all of our products

Kiosks built to last

Personalized development of projects for your special needs

Direct delivery nationwide in USA

ADA Standards kiosks

Whole integration kiosk with best brands

Creative and functional design for digital signage

Remote monitoring and administration of kiosk and digital signage services 24x7

Data information daily to measure customer satisfaction

Warranty great plans

Trusted by great brands!


Tell us about your projects. Let us help reconnect your company with your clients through our interactive solutions.

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