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Alveni offers interactive solutions for companies to help them communicate effectively and efficiently with clients & collaborators through the latest technology interactive solutions such as self-service kiosks, digital signage & customer satisfaction measurement.


Self-service kiosks & POS

Improve the efficiency of your company’s processes, while lowering costs with Self Service Interactive Kiosks. We provide everything, from design & manufacturing;  to deployment, monitoring and after sale service. 

Digital Signage

Use the power of  digital screens to  advertise, communicate and interact with your audience with relevant content, published in real time & keep your audience engaged!

Customer Satisfaction Measurement

Measure the satisfaction levels of your customers & employees in seconds, and obtain real-time data of their feedback to improve your company’s service & increase customer loyalty!

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SC Kiosk

Self Checkout

Your customers deserve a service that’s both fast and effective. One of the best ways to do this is by giving them total control during checkout, reducing waiting times while avoiding contact with the staff of the store.

  • 22″ interactive touch screen.
  • 2D barcode reader.
  • 3″ (80mm) POS thermal printer.
  • Graphics tailored to the client’s request.
  • 1 year warranty with option to extend.
  • Multiple optional accessories.

Reduce waiting times

The checkout process is streamlined because the customer has full control of the process, which can even eliminate queues altogether.

Maximize space in your store

Its compact size allows it to fit anywhere, opening up new areas that can be used for product display.

Improvement in customer service

Employees who were previously in charge of the registers can concentrate on other activities, improving other areas of the store.

Reduce outside contact

Customers feel more comfortable knowing their purchases are going from the shelf straight to their home without passing through multiple hands.


High quality kiosks, built to last

Custom software development

International worldwide delivery

ADA compliant kiosks

Creative & functional design services

24/7 device remote monitoring & management

Cloud based customer satisfaction measurement solution

Extended warranty plans


San Antonio Fire Museum

Rated 5 out of 5
April 11, 2022

The Alveni staff, including the owner, were accessible, responsive and service oriented. They built a beautiful user interface that begs to be touched. Controls are very intuitive and can be learned almost instantly. I’m looking forward to working with the content development of our device in the future and the “development of developers.” We have a product that promotes, preserves and protects our department history and heritage.

Daniel Warner - Public Educator

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