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Our company focuses on self-service, interactive kiosks & digital signage solutions.

With operations in USA and nearshore manufacturing in Mexico, we offer personalized bi-lingual service & quick deployment and after-sale support.

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Alveni is founded in January 2003 in Monterrey, Mexico by Jorge Eurán Graham with a focus on web design services & self-service, interactive kiosks.

First In-House Kiosk Design

The first ‘Maya’ kiosk is design and manufactured in-house in collaboration with Elotouch Mexico to compete with similar products from NCR & IBM.

First HR Projects

Alveni wins a very important project with Cemex to procure Human Resources kiosks to its cement plants nationwide in Mexico.  From here on, Alveni has positioned as the leading HR kiosk provider in Mexico with customers like Hersheys, The Home Depot, John Deere, Bridgestone, etc.

New Image, New Offices

As Alveni grows, we move to a new office space in Monterrey, MX and we redesign the logo to reflect a fresher image.

Home Depot Invoicing Kiosks

Alveni wins a nationwide contract to supply every The Home Depot Mexico  store with invoicing kiosks and we develop the kiosk software interface for self-service electronic invoicing.

US Operations Begin

Alveni is selected by the Mexico Ministry of Economy  to develop its operations internationally and joins the TechBA accelerator program in Austin, TX.

Kiosk Monitoring Services

Alveni begins monitoring hundreds of kiosks for Infonavit, the Mexican housing government agency, with Provisio’s Sitekiosk / SiteRemote monitoring platform.

Award of Excellence

Our Deacero kiosk project to increase check-in / check-out efficiency in scrap metal yards wins the Award of Excellence by the Digital Screenmedia Association in San Francisco, CA.

Digital Signage Solutions

We incorporate turnkey Digital Signage solutions that include: Brightsign players, 22 Miles wayfinding & Provisio’s SiteCaster.

VARs Program

Alveni begins offering its kiosks through a new VARs program in Mexico and USA to give better & more personalized solutions.

1st Customer Engagement Summit

Alveni hosts the 1st Customer Engagement Summit in Mexico to promote the self-service kiosk industry and bring together end customers, VAR’s, partners and manufacturers.


HappyOrNot solutions enhance Alveni’s offering, by offering the worldwide leader ‘customer satisfaction’ platform to customers in Mexico and USA.

Payment Kiosks

Alveni develops its 2nd generation of Payment kiosks for the Mexican market integrating the latest generation of cash accepting / dispensing devices.

Health Solutions

Alveni brings new ‘santizer dispensing’ kiosks, UV-C disinfecting lighting for kiosks & other health related solutions to a rapid changing market due to COVID-19 health contingency.

Self Checkout Kiosks

Alveni develops the new SC series of 'Self Checkout' kiosks for self-service stores (retail) providing an innovative solution for easy electronic self-payment of purchases made in store.


With over 18 years of experience in the kiosk self-service industry, we offer high quality personalized interactive kiosk & digital signage solutions.

Your single kiosk source. We provide totally integrated solutions.

Highly experienced development team focused on kiosk applications.

Over 18 years of experience in the interactive, self-service industry.

Partnered with the leading brands, manufaturers, and service providers

Total project management for faster deployment.

Bi-lingual support team standing by 24/7


You know your business, we know interactive technology.

Tell us about your projects. Let us help you to effectively connect your company with your clients through our interactive solutions.