Customer feedback made simple

HappyOrNot helps you turn reactions into profitable actions

Turn feedback into profitable actions

Customers are your biggest source of learning. Hear them and provide the best experience, instantly and over time. Your bottom line will thank you.


Get loads of feedback​

There’s a Smiley for any digital and in-person touchpoint.​

Share insight​

Involve your staff to improve with HappyOrNot Analytics.​

Take action​

Our Success Services give you the tools and best practices to transform your organization.

The pulse of meaningful feedback

HappyOrNot enhances your customer experience, uncovers issues and presents ways to fix them. Let the feedback flow in and share it across the organization and inspire service excellence. It’s one of those things that simply work.

More than 4,000 clients across industries

Restaurants & Bars


Retail Stores

Hospitals and Clinics




Theme Parks

Office and Building Lobbies

Shopping Malls

WHY choose happyornot

HappyOrNot is the pioneer of instant feedback with 12 years of experience. We provide a way to keep your finger on the pulse of meaningful customer satisfaction feedback. A view that can be turned into profitable actions instantly, as well as over time.

30% less unhappy customers in the first year

4,000 clients globally

1.5 billion feedback data to benchmark

24/7 monitoring of your devices

Performance reports and results online & in mobile apps

Nationwide service

Simple & intuitive interface


You know your business, we know interactive technology.

Tell us about your projects. Let us help you to effectively connect your company with your clients through our interactive solutions.