Interactive solutions to effectively connect your company with its clients

Alveni offers interactive solutions for companies to help them communicate effectively and efficiently with their different clients through the latest technology interactive solutions such as self-service kiosks, digital signage & customer satisfaction measurement.

Our passion transforms the world!

Our interactive solutions.

Self-service kiosks & POS

Improve the efficiency of your company’s processes, while lowering costs with Self Service Interactive Kiosks. We provide everything, from design & manufacturing;  to deployment, monitoring and after sale service. 

Digital Signage Solutions

Use the power of  digital screens to  advertise, communicate and interact with your audience with relevant content published in real time & keep your audicence engaged!

Customer Satisfaction Measurement

Measure the satisfaction levels of your customers & employees in seconds, and obtain real-time data of their feedback to improve your company’s service & increase customer loyalty!

Why choose us?

High quality kiosks, built to last

Custom software development

International worldwide delivery

ADA compliant kiosks

Creative & functional design services

24/7 remote monitoring and management

Cloud based customer satisfaction data

Extended warranty plans

Trusted by great brands!


You know your business, we know interactive technology.

Tell us about your projects. Let us help you to effectively connect your company with your clients through our interactive solutions.