Interactive Kiosks


Our Interactive Kiosks solutions help your company to automate key processes & contact points with customers and/or employees.

By using self-service technology, we manage to improve your company’s efficiency while at the same time, decreasing costs associated with the tasks being automated.

As a result, processes are redesigned by allowing users to use kiosks to access company’s information & assigning internal resources to value-added activities; leading to an overall rise in employee & customer satisfaction. 

If used as a self-service sales channel, it will generate more revenue, standarized 24/7 service &  incur in lower expenses.


We have kiosks for all kinds of self-service applications.
All our models are designed in-house, they comply with the ADA accessibility standard and are manufactured in a modular way, which allows us to integrate different electronic components depending on the requirements of each project.


Automation, standardization and ‘self-service’ is the key when implementing an interactive kiosk project.
Our solutions focus on streamlining key company processes, which is why we serve a wide variety of industries.

Restaurants & Bars

Hospitals & Clinics



Amusement Parks

Office & Building Lobbies

Shopping Malls



Retail Stores

Industrial Automation


Human Resources

Educational Institutions

Automotive Sales

Kiosk Manufacturing

Custom designed and manufactured to the highest quality.
With industrial grade components, ergonomic design and a warranty of up to 3 years.

Global warranty​

Anti vandal enclosure

Serial number

Industrial Grade Components

ADA Compliant



If your project requires it, in addition to our line kiosks, we can design and manufacture a unique kiosk, especially for your company.

From a few to hundreds of kiosks, with the advantage of profitable manufacturing in Mexico, a “custom” kiosk project can be within your budget. And better yet, your kiosk project will be ready in the shortest time possible.

Kiosk as a service (KAAS)

If you need to automate key processes of your company, without a considerable initial investment, we offer you the option of ‘Kiosk-as-a-Service’ (KaaS) that allows the following advantages for your company:

  • Avoid spending on assets
  • Lower initial investment
  • Accountingly beneficial
  • Investment is integrated into operating costs
  • Fixed monthly payments
  • Schemes from two years minimum
  • No depreciation of assets
  • Lower cost of internal IT services
  • And much more

Kiosk as a Service (KaaS) is a ‘turnkey’ solution that integrates everything necessary for your company to modernize and integrate self-service solutions. For a fixed monthly fee, it includes:

  • Interactive kiosk
  • Installation on site
  • Warranty
  • Remote monitoring platform
  • Professional services

Professional services

You know your business, we know about kiosks.
Let our experts take care that your project is managed, integrated and implemented in the best way.

  • mobile-app

    App development

    Development of applications according to your needs and business requirements.

  • logistics

    Logistics Management

    For proper shipping of kiosks to their final destinations.

  • Software

    Software installation

    Directly from the factory to make the installation more efficient and to save costs.

  • Installation

    Installation and Maintenance on Site

    In any city in the USA and Mexico with specialized personnel who set up the kiosk.

  • Testing


    Of all the components to ensure the optimal operation of the kiosk.

After-Sales Service

Prevent your kiosk from turning into a monster.
We provide remote and on-site technical support services, monitoring, as well as updating of content for your project to be successful in the long term.

Remote monitoring

Of all your kiosks from our platform in "the cloud"

24/7 support center

To assist with the resolution of incidents at all times.

Remote Update

For quick and easy deployment of new versions of software and content.

Report Delivery

Performance and diagnostic your teams based on business metrics.


Solutions tailored to your needs

20 years of experience

Remote design and management of contents

24/7 monitoring of your devices

Performance reports and results

Attractive warranty plans and nationwide service

High quality hardware



You know your business, we know interactive technology.

Tell us about your projects. Let us help you to effectively connect your company with your clients through our interactive solutions.