H-Series Kiosk


Using the latest self-service technology improve your customers’ experience while keeping them free of germs with our Digital Signage & Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Kiosk

  • Touchscreen interactivity
  • Digital Sigange display
  • Auto hand sanitizer


We know how difficult it is to engage customers.  By using interactive or digital content you attract the attention of your clients and they get the message & retain it in a more efficient way, making your business more efficient, increasing sales and customer satisfaction. 

Let us help you take action & connect your company with your clients with this turnkey interactive solution.



Studies carried out by Zendesk on Customer Service show that customers prefer to use a "self-service" option over contacting a support agent.


Boost "impulse purchases"

Deliver digital promotions, personalized advertising and amazing content to help your clients make that unplaned purchase in your business & increase your sales.

Deliver engaging content

Engage your customer by displaying relevant interactive or static content using videos, photos, graphics, animations, forms, games, social media widgets, etc.!

Remotely update content with just one click

Create or upload content to one or all kiosks, with a full featured web based CMS professional platform.

Update thousands of screens easily

No need to worry for the number of screens, apply changes to all of them with just one click. Create content, select destination devices & display it!

Smart content scheduling

Automation is key. Schedule content to be displayed at specific days, times, devices to deliver the right information at the precise moment to your audience.


Reduce administration costs and create a new revenue stream by selling advertising space to brands that complement your business operations.


Automatic "no touch" hand sanitizer

High capacity sanitizer container

4,500 ml (1.2 Gal.)

Anti-vandal waterproof screen

Wifi & ethernet connectivity

Android based player

Drip tray to avoid spills on floor

Freestanding or Wall-mount options

Remote monitoring & content management platform


The study “Comparison of Use of 2 Dispenser Systems” by Elaine Larson, found that touch-free dispensers were used significantly more often than were the manual dispensers.

“… touch-free alcohol-based sanitizer dispensers were more frequently used (average 41.2 uses per dispenser per day) than the manual dispensers (25.6 uses per dispenser per day). ” …Continue reading

Avoid germs and diseases

Our "no touch" sanitizer dispenser keeps your employees & customers hands clean, decreasing the chances of passing germs from person to person, keeping your business a "clean safe zone".

Encourages Use of Hand Sanitizer

Automatic dispensers attract attention for their design; people are more likely to take action on keeping their hands clean.


It keeps sanitizing costs down in the long run because the amount of dispensed sanitizer is the same every time... just 'the right amount'.

Eliminate 99.9% of germs

When used properly, hand sanitizer can eliminate 99.9% of germs on people’s hands.


Our team of engineers and technicians will help your company so the kiosks’ installation and deployment is efficient, smooth and effective. 

Your kiosks will arrive pre- assembled from our factory and ready to deploy. Final setup and configuration can be done onsite and we will make sure everything works as expected. We provide assistance from the beginning of the process, through the final deployment and beyond. We offer on-going maintenance as part of our service.

Kiosk software applications are unique. We can work with your design/development team, suggest an existing solution or custom develop a software application and content to meet your needs. 

We start with understanding your goals and expectations so we can deliver a kiosk-ready application. We can customize content, navigation, information flow and security to create an intuitive & engaging user experience. Our professional bi-lingual staff will work with you to develop an interactive kiosk/digital signage solution that meets your strategic and business objectives. 

After deployment, we can continuously update the content and design of all your devices with our Remote Content Management platform, so your application is always up-to-date.

Our professional business-grade monitoring platform allows Alveni’s tech support team to monitor your devices 24/7 and reach each kiosk to solve problems that do not require on-site visits the majority of the time. We can effectively connect with one kiosk or with a large network of kiosks simultaneously. 

We have partnered with PROVISIO, a worldwide leading solution provider for scalable remote monitoring and content updating to assure that all of your kiosks and networks are up to date and working properly. In addition to troubleshooting, Alveni’s remote monitoring service can provide a variety of reporting options built on your business metrics & requirements.

All Alveni kiosks come with a standar limited 3 year depot warranty on electronic components and enclosure. 

However, we understand each customer has different after-sale service and warranty needs.  Alveni provides  Uptime Warranty Support contracts to offer our customers in the U.S. and Mexico a higher level of troubleshooting and support that may include express parts replacement, on-site tech corrective visits as well as 24/7 tech support services.

Alveni’s designs and manufactures kiosks in compliance with the ADA Standards for Accessible Design Standard.

Besides the standard ergonomics of a kiosk, ADA compliance requires that everything the user needs to make the kiosk function should be accesible for people in wheelchairs. It applies to components such as the touchscreen, printers and other key components of the kiosk. 

So do not worry, we got you covered. All our kiosks comply with ADA Standards.


You know your business, we know interactive technology.

Tell us about your projects. Let us help you to effectively connect your company with your clients through our interactive solutions.