General Consulate of Mexico

Customer service e-platform.

Custom indoor kiosk solution for customer services.


One of the most important goals of Mexico’s General Consulates, and in particular, the one located in Austin, TX, USA, is to provide the most efficient, quick and high quality customer service to all the Mexican nationals who visit the government office. In a daily operation, hundreds of people ask information that range from “how to obtain a valid id card”, “how to renew a passport” to “ what is the way to import a vehicle into Mexico”.

Many of those who arrive to the Consulate, have already requested a special appointment but they need to check-in to obtain a proper place in line.

Another challenge is to create a communication channel with the visitors to identify improvement opportunities for the Consulate and therefore, increase customer satisfaction and at the same time, refine Consulate operations to reduce waiting time and boost efficiency.


Alveni, a company specialized in Digital Signage and Interactive Kiosks Solutions, with operations in Mexico and United States, helped the Mexico’s Consulate in Austin to deploy a new interactive customer service platform that brings the following advantages:

Provide information to Mexican nationals. Using a “Do you have a question?” module, the visitor can access in an easy and estandarizad way, information about procedures, requirements for different processes and other helpful data. The information is easily updatable based on visitors’ feedback.

Obtain visitors’ feedback. Using an electronic survey a person can “Grade a visit”, giving anonymous comments if necessary.

Data is constantly sent to the General Consul to help improve customer’s service.

Increment efficiency in appointment management. By implementing a cloud based platform accessible by all the Consulate service windows and also the lobby kiosk, people with a scheduled appointment can “check in” on arrival and wait less time before being serviced.


The overall solution includes interactive kiosks, a digital signage system, software development as well as remote monitoring, cloud hosting and reports to help the Mexico Consulate in its constant goal of improving customer satisfaction and provide a high quality service to Mexico’s citizens.

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