Grupo Sura

Customer service e-platform.

Custom indoor kiosk solution to improve customer service.


Grupo Sura, is an international organization, listed on the Colombian Stock Exchange, which holds a significant portfolio of investments in leading Colombian companies as well as in other countries of the Americas.

With more than 67 years of experience, it is currently the number one company for retirement funds management in Latin America.

Grupo Sura acquired ING Latin America’s assets in 2012 and consolidated its presence in Mexico through Sura Mexico.

With over 60 offices nationwide, Sura Mexico services more than 85,000 customer visits each month.

The most significant operation that Sura Mexico handles is to help their customers withdraw money from their personal accounts when unemployed. This is a two step process that begins by obtaining printed monthly statements from their Sura’s account so that they can go to the Mexican Social Security offices and obtain government approval.


The process to obtain their account balance or print their monthly statements is usually very simple but it involves waiting in line, sometimes as long as 15 to 20 minutes until a Sura representative can help them out.

Alveni deployed a complete kiosk solution that shows a simple interface of Sura’s system and automates the most important operations like the delivery of the printed statements to each person. Sura’s customers enter their Social Security number, view their information on screen and print their monthly statements without any significant wait time.

With the kiosk solution, the process takes only 1 to 2 minutes per person, allowing each facility to automate the service of 25% of the customer visits, around 20,000 per month. It also cuts operational costs around 20%.

Other customers will use the kiosk with the help of a Sura agent who uses it to print their monthly statements.

The solution includes Alveni’s custom built kiosks with touchscreen monitors, thermal printers, industrial grade cpus, and a remote monitoring application that sends alerts and optimizes tech support.

This kiosk solution is currently used in one third of Sura’s offices in Mexico.They are planning a second stage to include kiosks in all their offices and other locations for a wider reach . Alveni is currently working on a nationwide deployment.

A third stage would replicate this success in other Latin American countries where Grupo Sura has presence.


  • Cuts operational costs around 20%.
  • Decreases processing time to 1-2 minutes per person.
  • Automates more than 25% of customer visits.
0 %
Operational cost cut
0 %
Automated customer visits
1- 0 mins
Decrese in processing time per person

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