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At Alveni we know kiosk applications and understand that kiosks are an extension of your brand.

You define the criteria and we have the expertise to help realize your ideas. Our professional bi-lingual staff will guide you through the process. We can customize the design and engineering to meet even the most specific requirements and regulations to create maximum impact. We select only the highest quality peripherals and unique components for the heart of your kiosk to provide reliability to manage the complete user experience. 

From a few to several hundred kiosks, with Alveni’s cost-effective nearshore manufacturing advantage, a custom kiosk project could be in your budget. And the best yet, your kiosk project will be ready in the shortest possible time frame.

What do we need to define in order to create a custom kiosk?

The most important aspect is to understand your objective and how to achieve it with a kiosk.
There are many questions that may help you define this:

  • What is my audience?  (general public, specific age/gender groups, special needs)
  • Where will the kiosk be located (indoor, outdoor, special requirements of space, height, functionality, etc.)
  • What are the components that the kiosk will have integrated? (touchscreen monitor, sensors, readers, printers, others)
  • Will the kiosk be part of a larger booth, furniture piece or implementation?  If so, how will it be integrated?
  • Do you require to use and/or avoid certain materials? (glass, stainless steel, wood, others) Please define in detail.
  • Other requirements.  Any other information that may help define the kiosk.

What are the steps into creating the kiosk once I defined what I want?

  • The first stage is to work on ideas to integrate all the components into a custom kiosk taking into consideration all the limitations, needs, etc.  We will then present many different options in drawings and/or renderings.
  • The process to get to a final general design may take from 3 to 8 weeks depending on the  modifications / versions.
  • The overall design has to comply with ADA’s regulations, and many other specific design guidelines.  
  • Once the final design is ready, the next step is to create the detailed CAD drawings of each one of the pieces that will be part of the kiosk and…
  • Create the final prototype rendering for approval.

When do I get my kiosk?

  • Based on the final drawings / renderings, we will build an initial prototype integrating all the kiosk components.
  • This process takes from 8-12 weeks normally, depending on the complexity of the prototype.
  • Once done, we will deliver the final prototype for customer’s evaluation and field testing.
  • The prototype implies that it is a completely new design, built to order, and based on very specific requirements.  Even when the kiosk will be delivered under Alveni’s highest standards, there might be many aspects of it that could be improved or reviewed for future production kiosks.
  • Customer’s software will be deployed in the kiosk.  Note: In order to have Alveni develop  a custom software for the kiosk, a different parallel process will take place in order to plan, develop and design the custom software.
  • Finally, the customer will be able to confirm and/or modify the kiosk’s specs, components, based on the field results and feedback from the customer’s team.
  • Alveni will make the necessary adjustments to the kiosk, components and process according to the feedback. In some cases, new prototype(s) might be needed to produce. Otherwise, if the changes are minor, we will only take the comments and/or feedback to improve production kiosks.

When will we be ready for prime time?

  • Now that the prototype kiosk(s) has been tested, its time for rollout. We can manufacture from one to hundreds of units based on the final kiosk’s specs, requirements and expectations that were approved from both parties.
  • Delivery time will be defined with the client and usually it will involve partial deliveries depending on the project’s requirements.

Custom kiosk process can be very time consuming but at the end, it is a rewarding process since the new kiosk will be a unique product that meets the customer’s expectations. 

We appreciate the trust you put in Alveni with your ‘custom kiosks’ design for your company.


Example Project

Kiosk solution for receipt delivery at metal processing facilities. Alveni created a complete kiosk solution that communicates directly with Deacero’s ERP system and automates the delivery of the receipt to each driver. Drivers can view their information on screen, print their receipt, and communicate in real time with the operator if needed. 

The solution includes Alveni’s custom built application, custom stainless steel enclosure, high brightness monitors, thermal printers, industrial grade cpus, and a remote monitoring application that sends alerts and optimizes tech support. 

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