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Kiosk solution for receipt delivery at metal processing facilities.

Deacero, a leading steel company with operations in over 20 countries, has established its competitive position by investing in technological improvements to its business.

With 15 facilities in Mexico, they receive more than 2,000 trucks per day to deliver scrap metal. Each truck has to be weighed upon arrival and departure from the facility in order to determine the amount of metal delivered. Scale operators deliver a printed receipt to each truck driver when leaving, which serves as a delivery confirmation and sales receipt for the supplier.

This process takes 8 to 10 minutes. This delay causes long lines of trucks which spill out onto nearby roads.


Alveni created a complete kiosk solution that communicates directly with Deacero’s ERP system and automates the delivery of the payment receipts to each driver who delivers scrap metal in Deacero’s facilities.

With the kiosk solution, the process takes only 2 to 3 minutes per truck, allowing each facility to double their capacity to over 250 trucks per day. It also cuts processing time by more than 70%.

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